Untrodden terrene of Android Oreo and ways to Download Latest Android Oreo Gapps

In today’s world of smartphone mobility, Android OS has become an indispensable chip. Since its inception in 2007, Android OS has been thriving to make our lives easier, serene and much more effortless. Speaking in terms of development, the Android OS has been extensively re-coded, diligently modified and thoroughly rendered from time to time to provide more fluent and ripple-less performance. The different versions of the Android OS included the Gingerbread (2.3), Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0), Jelly Bean (4.1-4.3), KitKat (4.4), and the Lollipop (5.0-5.1).  

Most recent versions of the Android OS, namely the Marshmallow (6.0) and the Nougat (7.0 -7.1), has opened up a new frontier for the smartphone division and things which were, till yesterday, only possible in science-fiction movies, has been made possible to achieve. From fingerprint sensing to retinal scanning, 4K displays to 3D projections, Android has made it all credible. Smartphones are now more powerful, user-friendlier and more reliable.

The latest version of the Android family is named the Oreo (8.0-8.1).This version was first conceptualized in March 2017 and the final chronical was released in December 2017.This OS has quite a number of appealing hallmarks like notification grouping, picture-in-picture support for video, and support for auto-fillers, Bluetooth 5, system-level integration with VoIP apps, wide color gamuts, Wi-Fi Aware and so on. Android Oreo has also resolved some serious complaints of performance lag and battery issues. Well, it’s not surprising that a next-gen OS will have thrilling gimmicks but Android has gone to some serious levels of development other than some fancy tweaks and tricks with this version and has introduced a secondary software platform for low-end devices, namely the Android One. Early versions of Android OS had only a single, primary OS platform which had some basic hardware requirements. But with Android One, even shallow level phones will have the support of the latest OS. This feature has opened up an entirely new frontier as from now, affordable smartphones with the latest OS is possible to fabricate.

All the trending apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. has already received the required update to run smoothly in Android 8.0 and 8.1 but till date, Google has not launched an app exclusively for Oreo as the OS is still in the development phase. To Download Latest Android Oreo Gapps , there are many sites other than the official play store from where you will get the required.APK file but most of them are beta versions and might crash. It is a matter of some time until one will be able to Download Latest Android Oreo Gapps from the official play store.          


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